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I love dicks.

2011-08-14 12:17:40 by DJ-Keen

I love them.

Out of Dr. Pepper.

2010-12-28 23:21:43 by DJ-Keen

Fuck. wat do?

Out of Dr. Pepper.

You can eat dicks, faggots.

2010-06-01 17:36:46 by DJ-Keen


You can eat dicks, faggots.

I like good songs.

2009-06-15 02:36:59 by DJ-Keen

This song is a good song. If you disagree then we shall not be indulging in conversation with one another.

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2009-01-16 07:34:33 by DJ-Keen

So I've finished my first song for 2009, it's a remix of the beautiful Schala Theme from Chrono Trigger. I've been in a little CT craze lately hence why I bring this music to you.

Anyway I have the Schala Theme and the Sad song theme put up for you to hear. Both remixed to render peace within your insidey parts.


Sad but chill mix

Thanks for listening guys!


Also, a somewhat hilarious comic:


The truth about history.

2008-11-11 03:11:26 by DJ-Keen

"History is written by those who own functional pens."
-a famous pen company

The truth about history.

I want to make sex with you.

2008-10-10 01:01:04 by DJ-Keen

If you'd like to feel me on your insidey parts, post here.

My BBS "I love you" list:

2008-04-26 17:36:09 by DJ-Keen

Dear people on this list, I love you so much. <3


OsAmARaMa AKA Sanjay

These are all some really great contributers to the BBS and to the site in general. I just want to dedicate this to them to let them know I'm glad they're all here. :)

If I forgot you, I'm sorry, this was all that was at the top of my head at the moment, but I can definitely add you to the list if you give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. :)

Also, cocks.

My BBS "I love you" list:

Intercontinental Lurve:

2008-04-23 09:58:46 by DJ-Keen

It works.

Intercontinental Lurve:

A little about myself:

2008-04-22 12:11:29 by DJ-Keen

Hi, I'm Clint. I was in love, but it didn't work out. I'd like to say that I just had an awesome learning experience, and give you a nifty piece of advice from what I've learned. But the fact is, there's no technique to keeping the one you love around. If they decide they don't want you anymore, then that's what will happen. Sometimes they even fall in love with you for who you are, then learn to hate you for all you are. Don't ask me how this happens, I'm still trying to figure it out. The one thing I CAN tell you though, don't bother throwing everything you've got into it, because when they're done "playing" with you, it hurts so much more.

You're still reading? You want to know a bit about me then. I love the martial arts. I try to mooch a lesson off of anyone who practices any style. I am currently attending classes at Cotton Hayes's Tukong Moosul academy. Though I'm a beginner in Tukong, I have earned one belt rank in Tae Kwon Do. I practice a bit of Judo with my good friend Naomi, she's a great teacher but unfortunately doesn't have a lot of time to play Judo with me. I've met a couple of US Marines that have taught me a bit of Brazilian Jujitsu, or BJJ. If possible within my area, I'd like to learn a bit of Muay Thai, and Jujitsu.

Anyway, I'm in College to become a computer programmer. yay. I'm a computer fixit guy. It's what I do. I will fix your computer for you. I am currently working overnight at Sam's Club stocking merchandise. It hurts my back. I'm moving out on my own to El Paso, Texas very soon.

Beyond that, I'm pretty ordinary. I have a great sense of humor and love to make others around me laugh. I'm a VERY loving person and if you're close to me I'll show it one way or the other. I'd do anything for those I love.. and I'll do a lot for those I don't even know. I like helping people.. but it sucks, because sometimes I feel that I can help others better than I can help myself. I'm respectful, well mannered, easygoing, and easy to talk to. I don't like stressful situations. I don't really show anger. Few people have seen me angry. I don't really lash out. The more angry I get, I tense up and my jaw clenches and I do not speak. I just wait.

I am a teddy bear, very huggable and cuddly. But if someone is being threatened or in danger, I won't hesitate to take control of the situation by any means. You will captivate my heart with kindness and honesty.

Honesty is key.

I'm still looking for Miss Perfect-for-Me... I thought I had found her once, but she was a whore. I do still miss her like the moon misses it's stars, but I know I'll be happy one day. I'll be happy because I'll be making someone else very happy.

If you don't know enough about me yet, and are for some reason looking to learn some more, then go ahead, send me a PM.