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Great animation.

Smooth animating, very well done overall. Yet you pretty much ripped off Dragonball, Naruto, AND Krinkels.


And the story goes on!




It was a long wait, and well worth it! The fight sequences were superb, the voices were great, and the dialogue was hilarious! I'm very impressed, Sunrie and WF1. I can't WAIT to see what's next from you two.

And thanks for using my song, that was yet another pleasant unsuspected surprise. =D

Sunrie responds:

You know, I'm so glad I'm getting all the positive feedback on the fights as that was my biggest concern. It's the first time I've attempted anything like it, so now that I have a feel for it, I can start doing even better.

Oh, and to those of you out there reading, not even DJ-Keen, our Evil K, knew who he was voice acting for! He did the lines (beautifully) and we applied them. He was never told anything other than, "Oh, you're doing Evil K."

We may end up using you for Episode 4, too, so once we have the scrip all hammered out, I'll message you and you can audition for the parts.



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Contains plenty of detail and work.

However, it's pretty much like the game "Soldat" with less mobility, less weapons, and less features. I can tell Louissi put a lot of work into a decent game though, and that's why I'm voting 7.

It's definitely more difficult than Mario.

Nothing short of thrilling to play, this game can provide hours of fun. It's no breeze either. I felt like an idiot trying for SO long to get past the stage 5 castle. And I have to say, playing as Bill in your game is probably just as if not MORE fun than going back and playing Contra today.

Nice work.

Not bad..

Could use a few improvements..

Try speeding it up a little bit! It felt kinda slow at times.. Either that or zoom the game out a bit to where we can see more.

Some different music would be nice.. The selections of audio you made weren't the best. I'm not the best artist, but look on my userpage.. you may find something you like. :)

The idea is good, though, it reminds me of that moving maze custom game with the tanks on Warcraft 3..

I voted 5 for the save, but I rank this overall 6/10.

Keep it up, you're doing well with flash.

keyreal responds:

I love Warcraft mazes <3

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Heard this on Youtube.

On that one hour dubstep mix that pops up in virtually any dubstep search.

This song is simply amazing! It makes me visualize strange things, and I think that's what good music should do. I imagine flying when I listen to this. The beginning, taking off. 28 seconds, passing the cloud layers, 55 seconds, full blown sound barrier-shattering speed at max altitude. 1:25, cruise.

I don't know why, it sounds silly, reading it typed out, but this song works my imagination. I really, REALLY dig it.

Excellent job.

UncleSqueezins responds:

Awesome! :D

Glad you like the song, mate. By the way, the 2nd volume of the hour dubstep mix should be coming out in a month or two, so be on the look out for that!

Very good.

I enjoyed it. It really led me through the last few years of my life:

" *Sigh* I'll never find a girl that doesn't completely suck ass."

" OH WAIT, I found one, OMG she's totally awesome!"

"No wait, she was a whore. Fuckin' a."

Good job with this track, keep it up.

Adamaja456 responds:

good review, thank you sir

It sounds fantastic

Keep adding to it for sure!

wyldfyre1 responds:

glad you enjoyed =).

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

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